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005: Jeff Jessee – 2019 US Surfing Champ: Overcoming self-inflicted hardships

  16.07.2019   disruptornation   Podcast   No comments

Jeff Jessee is the 2019 US Senior Surfing Champion…but he wasn’t always the man he is today.  This episode is different than the others. Instead of focusing on emerging technologies

004: Amy Peck – VR/AR/XR Rock Star & How Intense Curiosity is the Key to Creativity

  10.07.2019   disruptornation   Podcast   No comments

In today’s episode I speak with Amy Peck, an industry leader in VR/AR/XR, who harnessed her intense curiosity for creative pursuits to become an early contributor to the world of

003: Thomas Frey – Leading Futurist, Author & Speaker

Over the past decade, Futurist Thomas Frey has built an enormous following around the world based on his ability to develop accurate visions of the future and describe the opportunities

002: Jazz Rasool – Bartender to NASA Trainer and Human Cognition Expert

Thanks for joining me today as I explore our emergent future with my guest, Jazz Rasool. Jazz is an entrepreneur, consultant, scientist, researcher and futurist…he’s currently a research fellow at

001: Intro to The Way of the Futurist Podcast

Welcome to The Way of the Futurist podcast. I’m excited to share the stories of amazing leaders, entrepreneurs, and futurists with you as we explore how to think and act