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• I’ve been an entrepreneur, speaker, ExTech service provider, community builder and consultant.

• I was introduced to bitcoin in early 2010 and since then I’ve worked with or consulted many of the biggest companies in the industry, co-founded a bitcoin security company, spoken at industry conferences across the country, organized the local blockchain meetup group and attended the Blockchain Summit on Richard Branson’s Necker Island.

• The virtual reality bug bit me so I launched an events company with the purpose of exposing the world to VR/AR. I’ve now demoed it to thousands of people. With two HTC Vives, an Oculus Rift with Touch controllers and a Microsoft Hololens, everyone wants to hangout on the weekends. One of my favorite things to do is speak about VR to large groups and then personally take audience members through it for their first time.

• I study the works of people like Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil. The future is full of opportunity.

• I’m fascinated with behavioral economics and the concept of usable psychology.

• Colorado native living in Utah. I’ve lived in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, 3 states and 16 cities in the past 15 years.

• Married with 4 crazy hellions. Actually, they’re amazing kids.

Brian Nelson


To inspire, educate and empower individuals to become exponentially more valuable to the world by leveraging emerging technologies and ideologies.


It has been said that viewing the earth from space shows no borders. Technologies such as virtual reality, which is a computing platform for social connection, and the blockchain, which is an emerging technology being used to decentralize power, are helping to erase the artificial borders we now live by on earth. As we take advantage of these technologies to connect with and empower differing people, we will begin to create a more compassionate and caring world. Borders will disappear and we will work together to solve the world’s greatest challenges. I’m optimistic that technology will decrease the amount of suffering and increase the amount of love and happiness being experienced around the world.

Chris Madsen

“Brian is a big picture thinker, networker extrordinaire, skilled facilitator and king of collaboration who masterfully builds relationships with and between those who are making a difference in the world. Everybody looking to be connected should have a Brian in their life.”

Onylytica Top 100 VR influencer, Virtual Reality Ambassador, Liaison, Writer & Consultant

John Mayfield

“Whenever I need to get up to speed on an emerging technology, I go talk with Brian.”

Partner at Peak Ventures

Wil Bown

“Brian Nelson is one of the most exemplary people that I know. He uniquely combines an amazing understanding of technology and the ability to communicate clearly with an integrity and ethics that are rare in my experience. He is a true disruptor and cares about people intensely. He is just as comfortable hanging out with billionaires as he is hanging out with homeless people or being in front of a large crowd. He has great passion for helping everyone to reach their highest potential and I am honored to have worked with him on projects to move those goals forward.”

Mad Scientist/Founder/Developer/Community Builder

Jake Willis

“Brian is much more than an “entrepreneur”. He is a technology creator and a leader. He has his finger on the pulse of emerging and game-changing technology trends. He has a special ability to identify and create opportunities too. When I need consultation on business and technology initiatives, Brian is my #1 resource. He understands how people & technology come together and has an energy that inspires and motivates others to action.”

Medical Device Portfolio Manager/Entrepreneur/Backer

Paul Hickey

“When I entered the blockchain industry with a new Bitcoin technology, Brian was the only guy that knew how to help me REALLY understand what it was all about. Not only did he have a simplistic way of explaining an insanely complex industry, he also knew almost every major player in the industry and was happy to connect me to them. As I’ve spent more time with Brian, it turns out he knows a lot about a number of disruptive technologies and has now become one of the few people I call on when I’m exploring investments in new tech sectors.”

Entrepreneur/Impact Investor/Investment Banker

Joe Gabriel

“Brian has a way of being on the bleeding edge of emerging technologies and has a definite gift for both creating opportunities and connecting the right people to make them happen.”

Virtual Reality Pioneer & UtahVR Cofounder

John Richards

“Brian is one of the sharpest technology experts I know. He has the ability to assimilate knowledge on emerging technologies and put it into a concise framework that is easy-to- understand for Luddites as well as power users. Like many other business people who need to keep up with technology, I rely on Brian for explaining trends and vetting opportunities.”

Co-founder & CEO at Difuon/Investor/Consultant

Randall Paul

“Brian is a very smart entrepreneur and connector. He combines the confident creativity of a startup owner with the collaborative personality of a team player. He sees that the future of techno-business is as much a function of leadership as scientific advances, and he passionately aims to connect leaders in business, science and politics to extract the best from technology.”

Chairman and Founder at The World Table

Donna Milakovic

“The strongest recommendation I can give Brian is this: I tell anyone who is looking for a concise explanation of complex technology, particularly in the data industry to speak to Brian first. He has a natural talent for condensing pertinent information into digestible points that can be shared, repeated, and retained. He is a true expert and a gifted teacher.”

Regional Director at USTAR

Vinny Lingham

“Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology and Brian is a great advocate. He’s always willing to make strategic introductions to help Gyft continue to be the best place to spend Bitcoins.”

Founder & CEO at Civic Technologies/Shark on Shark Tank South Africa

I love bringing a full VR setup with me to speaking gigs to let attendees experience
one of the technologies I talk about in my presentations.
(HTC Vive and Microsoft Hololens)


In the past decade we have experienced an emergence of ideologies related to how we work and earn an income. Companies like Uber and Airbnb have led the way in the Sharing Economy. Others like Freelancer and Elance have paved the way for the Gig Economy while platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo have revolutionized how entrepreneurs raise money and bring products to market. And more recently, the technology behind Bitcoin has created a movement towards Decentralization. These ideologies are easily accepted by the younger generation newly entering the workforce while more established workers are finding ways to leverage the ideologies to create additional stream of income and more flexibility in their work schedules. Together we explore the trends and technologies being fueled by these ideologies and learn how you can leverage them to build a culture of collaboration within your organization and increase your value to your company, shareholders and customers.

What was once saved for Sci-Fi thrillers, is now becoming part of our everyday lives. Technologies such as virtual reality, 3d printing, the blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics are quickly changing how we create things, interact with each other, learn, work and live. Even more impressive is what’s being created when two or more of these technologies converge. We truly live in an extraordinary time! The reality is that in 10 years we’ll look back at today and think, “What amazing days those were when there was nothing but green fields of opportunity where anyone could jump in and begin creating their desired reality”. There are internet sized opportunities available right now. I’ll help you understand emerging technologies and provide actionable steps to finding your unique way of becoming exponentially more valuable to your company,

community and the world.

My goal is to educate, inspire and empower you to leverage emerging technologies to become exponentially more valuable to the world. Whether you’re a technologist or not, by understanding technological trends you will more quickly find your unique voice and therefore be in a position to capitalize on more opportunities. I share my process for learning, using and leveraging emerging technology to help you live an untethered life and create your desired reality. (Technologies covered in this presentation include virtual reality, 3d printing, the blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics.)


What’s your ExTech strategy? Exponential technologies are disrupting every industry. We’ve been experiencing a major labor force and economic shift happening recently and this shift is only going to happen at a faster rate due to the convergence of exponential technologies. The organizations that seek to understand these technologies and figure out how to leverage them to enhance their business will come out on top. Explore the future with me as your guide and together we’ll come up with an ExTech strategy that’ll catapult your company above the competition. Whether you represent a billion dollar company, you’re running a bootstrapped startup or somewhere in between, I can help guide you through the world of exponential technologies. Lets talk.

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“How to win in a technology-driven world for non-geeks.”


• Speaker – Celebrate Innovation Week 2017 | Click here for details

• VR Experience Manager – Abundance 360 2017 | Click here for details


• Speaker – Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas, 2013
• Panelist – Inside Bitcoins New York, 2014
• Panelist – ACI’s Virtual Digital Currency and Payment Systems,
• Panelist – ACI’s Emerging Payments Systems Conference, 2014
• Panelist – Inside Bitcoins Las Vegas 2014
• Organizer/Moderator – StartSLC Technology Event (Bitcoin/Blockchain Panel)
• Speaker – Inside Bitcoins New York 2015
• Panelist – OpenWest 2015 (Digital Privacy Panel)

• Attendee (1 of 40) – Blockchain Summit on Richard Branson’s Necker Island
• Panelist – Blockchain Agenda with Inside Bitcoins San Diego
• Speaker – Robotics and Internet of Things Conference (RIoT)
• Presenter – Consumer VR Launch Party
• Presenter – Kid’s Code Con (VR Class)
• Panelist – PayThink 2016
• Panelist – Technology for Sustainability 2016
• Speaker – Pathways to CTE